Pay Qualified Teachers More?

Recently, my first-time viewing of Hotel Rwanda prompted a discussion with my roommate, Thea, about social inequity. The conversation led to a discussion of DC schools, and she explained that her research into the corruption of DC schools administrators is what informed her decision to embark upon a teaching career. She will be leaving for a one-year teaching program in Japan at the end of July :(.

The conversation has stirred a few dormant thoughts that now and again rear their heads and disturb pleasant visions of my current career trajectory. “Why not teach?” little voices whisper. “You’d actually be making an impact, instead of fussing over commas that no one ever reads.”

That inward discussion is far from over, and I’ve stumbled upon an article in the New York Times that makes the voices a little louder. Imagine getting paid $125,000 to teach! Hell, imagine getting paid half that!

This chorus of ambitious voices is rising to cover the low rumble of doubt – responses that include, “But you don’t know anything about public schools!” (I was home-schooled) and “Would you even like teaching?”

“You wouldn’t know until you try,” the increasingly confidant chorus chirps back. For now, the inward battle continues…


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